3rd Party Sales Integration with Item Menu

I set up a new application on the Square Developer page to drive sales from a third party website and was able to process a test transaction at each of my locations, but rather than seeing in my Item Sales Report today as sales of the Items and Variations it is showing up as “Custom Amount”. How can I get this to show up as Items and Variations along with everything I have sold on site for the day?

I am using Square For Restaurants and I am poking around the Developer Portal, I am beyond novice just trying to find solution for online sales. Any help is appreciated!

Hey @DrJoel welcome to the forums!

If you do not pass an order_id to the CreatePayment request, then the amount will always show up as “Custom Amount” (as it does not know what items you sold). So, you need to create an order, add items to the order (this can include variations, modifiers, discounts, taxes…), and then pass the order_id into the CreatePayment request. For more information on creating an order, take a look here. We also have a section about adding the order to a payment.