POS Mobile Web itemization limitation

Hi - probably a feature request, but just trying to figure out if there is any way to get around the inability to send line item details (or an order id) to the POS API. I see that it creates an order (for compatibility with v2 api’s) but i cant update the order after the transaction - yet i am able to add a customer after via the seller dashboard - but no way to do this via the update order API (because state is completed). Wondering if there is any way to update an order after the transaction was completed - or other ideas to work around this. we really need to see line item details.

Unfortunately this is a feature request; currently there’s no way to pass order information in the POS API (or even Reader SDK), which is a common feature request. There’s also no way to update an order after it’s been completed, which it would always be after a POS transaction.

OK Thanks
So for building our own POS client there is no way to generate an itemized order and collect payment using Square hardware, but the Square POS app is doing just that - i’m just not able to do that via the API endpoints or any of the publicly available SDK’s?

Not at this time, no. All POS API and Reader SDK transactions will show up as “Custom Amount” since you can only pass an amount. You could create an order and track it yourself (like in your own database, or in the note field), but it won’t actually be linked in Square, and would still show up as “Custom Amount” in the Square Dashboard.

That’s what i feared.
OK - Thank you