Orders API and Point of Sale API

Hi everyone,

I have a web app that will send the amount information to the Point of Sale app and charge the credit card.

The problem I am having is that after taking the payment, I want to update that transaction/order with the items details so that I can see the order in the backend with its content instead of just a “Custom Amount” as the item.

I keep reading on the Orders API description about the ability to link orders to payment:

With the Orders API, you can build web and mobile applications that use orders to manage purchase item information, track order fulfillment, integrate customer data, and link payments. You can also create fulfillment orders and send them to the Square Point of Sale application for fulfillment.

Is this even possible? or the “link payments” refer to web payments?

Maybe this is answer:

The Point of Sale API does not support:

:wave: @qubitsoft Yes, that is correct. At this time the Point of Sale API doesn’t support the Orders API. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you @Bryan-Square for the quick response.

Is there any ETA on this feature?

At this time we don’t have a public roadmap for our feature releases.

Seems like that is not longer on the page Point of Sale API Overview

But when I look at Mobile Web Technical Reference I see no clear way to relate the Pos Payment with an Order. I can link it to a customer, and a location and a total. But not to a direct order. I guess this is “ok” since if I link to the Pos system, send the info noted above, and then it redirects back to my system with the transactionId I just need to use that to mark the order closed and link it to the payment.

:wave: With the Point of Sale API the transactionId is also the orderId. Every payment with Square will generate an orderId. Unfortunately you can’t first create the order and pass it to the payment request to have an itemized order. :slightly_smiling_face: