Create Order Via API, Pay In Person at Square Register

I’ve been searching around the forum and I THINK I have my answer, but wanted to ask about my specific use cases to be clear. Is there anyway to create an order in a third-party system, and have the final payment be completed at a Square Register?

Or, is there anyway via the API to get the saved carts (created at the register), modify them via api, and then finish the transaction back on the register?

Basically, we have some custom apps and work flows that we would like to use to assemble the itemized orders, but still have the customer check out at a physical register.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @karpadiem, welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately this is currently not possible. In the current state, an order will only be pushed to the POS app (Square Register), if the order was already paid for. Likewise, there’s unfortunately no way to retrieve open “tickets” on the Square POS app from the API (until they’re paid for).

Hey Karpadiem,

I’ve been working on something similar where we generate an order via API, and then create an invoice from it using the new Invoices API. This then allows us to interact with the new invoice (even adjust the items further from the order) using the POS, however the checkout flow is not great.

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