SquareUp API - Customer Name on transaction detail

I am having a working Square integration with our application. We want to add the Customer(buyer) name to the Transaction Detail in SquareUp Dashboard. I don’t see any where in the API to do so other than using the Billing_Address.

        var billingAddress = new Address.Builder()

However, doing so, the name is not showing up on the transaction detail or receipt. Where can I find the Billing Address on the SquareUp dashboard? Is that something need to be turn on ?

On the side note, how do I add the customer name on the detail page? Do need to create customer profile for every transaction? And then save the customerID to user account on our application so it can be reused in the future?

This seems to be a lot of works for just a first/last name on the payment.

Normally the Customer Name “Paid By” would appear under the “Source:”

Any idea?

Hi @lang welcome to the forums!

Yes, if you want the customer name to show up with a transaction, you’ll need to create a customer using the API, and then pass the customer_id in the CreatePayment request. You do not necessarily need to create a customer every time; for instance, if it’s a returning customer, you can retrieve their customer_id instead (although you would need to add some logic to know if they were returning or not). If you pass the address to the CreateCustomer endpoint, then the address and name will be available on the customer profile in the dashboard.