Where is Customer Data with Square Payment

Here is the JSON construct I am passing as my payment data (with my Perl backend):

my $form_json_text = qq~
{“idempotency_key”: “$SQ_idem_key”,
“amount_money”: {
“amount”: $Sq_total,
“currency”: “USD”
“source_id”: “$Nonce”,
“location_id”: “$SQ_loc_id”,
“reference_id”: “$Clientid”,
“buyer_email_address”: “$Ship_email”,
“note”: “$Product_description”,
“billing_address”: {
“first_name”: “$CC_fname”,
“last_name”: “$CC_lname”,
“address_line_1”: “$CC_addr”

The transaction is processed just fine but when I look at the actual transaction details in Square (Dashboard) there does not appear to be any customer information stored even though I am specifying the email address, firstname, lastname and address of the credit card as well as the client ID.

The “note” (ie. Product Description) is being stored and displayed.

Maybe it is storing this information but none of it seems to be exposed in the Square Dashboard.

Am I doing something wrong?

That address information is not exposed on the dashboard, only the payments api. You would need to first create a customer, and then pass in the customer_id which is an optional parameter in the CreatePayment request. Then, the customer would show when you click on the transaction in the dashboard.

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Thank-you for the clarification.