Feature Availability in Canada

We currently offer several services with Square for merchants based in the US. We’re planning to expand our services to Canada. With that in mind, we’d like to see if the following services are available in Canada with Square.

  1. Square Web Payments: Web Payments SDK
  2. Square Terminal API: Terminal API
  3. App Fee Money: Collect Application Fees

Are these features available in Canada for Square Merchants?

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Payment API: Process Online and In-Person Payments
Merchant APIs
Take Payments on Square Hardware

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Yes, all the features you mentioned are available for Square Merchants based in Canada.

  1. Square Web Payments: This feature is available in Canada. It allows you to accept online payments on your web application using the Web Payments SDK.

  2. Square Terminal API: This API is also available in Canada. It allows you to integrate your application with Square Terminal devices for in-person payments.

  3. App Fee Money: This feature is available in Canada as well. It allows you to collect application fees on payments processed through your application using the Payments API.

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One additional thing to note about app_fee_money is that you can only collect it in the currency of the developers account. So if the account with the application is a USD account you can’t accept app_fee_money in CAD. You’ll have to create a CAD account and have it linked to a bank in Canada with payment processing fully enabled. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Bryan-Square,

“Until our orders migration is complete you will need to make changes. You won’t be able to collect app_fee_money in Canada nor use order created from the Orders API. Once we complete an internal migration we will then be able to open up orders for Terminal API in Canada. That will later lead to the ability to support app_fee_money .”

The above comment was given on Discord by you for my question there. The same I’ve asked here. Could you verify what’s the migration you have mentioned here? I’m a little confused on this.

Unfortunately, I can’t go into detail but it’s an internal Square migration. This migration will enable orders on Terminal API which today is only available in the US as one example of an improvement. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Bryan-Square, from the listed 3 features, is only Terminal API not available yet in Canada? Any tentative timeline you can share for availability would be great as well.

Terminal API is available in Canada. It just won’t work with order that are created with the Orders API at this time. Unfortunately we don’t have public timelines we can share. :slightly_smiling_face: