Terminal Error "Connect Square Reader to accept a payment"

I have an application that has been successfully pairing with Square Terminals using Device Codes generated through the API. This has worked great for customers in the USA and they have been able to accept payments via the terminal in USD currency. I am now trying to use the terminal for a Canadian customer who is using CAD currency. I have adjusted the currency code in my terminals/checkouts post data. However, when I send a checkout to the terminal, the terminal shows the amount and then the message “Connect Square Reader to accept a payment”. If I sign out and pair it up with any USD account it works normally. What am I missing?

Was the Terminal purchased in Canada or the US? :slightly_smiling_face:

It was purchased in the US. Do you think it would work properly on a terminal purchased in Canada?

Yes, there are differences between the two geo’s. You have to use hardware thats purchased in the geo you want to process payments in. :slightly_smiling_face: