Case Study


Towbook is the leading, innovative towing management software designed to offer efficient solutions for its customer base of 12,000 towing, roadside assistance, and transport businesses.


  • In response to customer feedback requests, Towbook integrated with Square in 2021.
  • Towbook is fully integrated with Square online and in-person payment APIs and SDKs, including Web Payments SDK, Reader SDK, and Terminal API.
  • Towbook worked with Square for their full range of commerce solutions and also integrated with Orders API and Customers API.
  • Next up for Towbook is implementing the new Terminal API signature capture feature and adopting additional payment methods, including Cash App Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Innovative towing management software

Towbook has evolved significantly since its founding in 2007. It began with collaborative efforts to create a specialized solution for towing and roadside assistance businesses. Known for simplifying dispatching processes and offering sophisticated reporting and analytics tools, Towbook became an industry leader, serving over 500,000 users across the United States and Canada. Their success is rooted in a customer-centric approach established during their formative years, laying the foundation for their current prominence.

Integrating with Square

Towbook received numerous customer requests for Square payment integration. Recognizing the industry leadership of Square, Towbook saw the potential to serve as many customers as possible, prompting them to integrate with Square. The seamless implementation, supported by clear documentation and responsive assistance from Square, was completed in February 2021. Initial testing with a few businesses proved successful, leading to rapid adoption. Since then, the integration has grown exponentially, serving over a thousand customers who collectively process nearly 40,000 payments monthly. Towbook continues to witness a steady rise in adoption, highlighting the success of this strategic collaboration.

“The integration with Square has been extremely beneficial to our customers. Whether it be on the side of the road, in their offices, or on a monthly statement, customers now have a seamless way to process payments right in Towbook.”

— Towbook

Web Payments SDK, Terminal API, and Reader SDK

Towbook seamlessly integrates with Square Payment APIs and SDKs, ensuring swift and secure customer payments. The Web Payments SDK enables Towbook to send service invoices via text or email, allowing customers to make immediate payments through a customized checkout flow on their web application. Eliminating the need for phone-based credit card transactions, Towbook notes this integration increased invoice collection rates while reducing disputes through signature acceptance upon payment.

Towbook provides payment flexibility through integrations with Reader SDK and Terminal API for in-person transactions. Customers can choose between Square Terminal hardware and Square Reader on the mobile app. Square Terminal expedites in-person transactions, particularly for releasing impounded vehicles, and ultimately streamlines the process in an office. Meanwhile, Square Reader SDK simplifies roadside assistance payments via the Towbook mobile app, allowing drivers to swipe a customer’s card for automatic payment for service calls. This comprehensive integration enhances efficiency and convenience for both impound lot and roadside assistance transactions.

“Towbook’s integration with Square has been monumental in buying back time and money for our organization. This integration with Square has brought us back 16 clock hours a week now that we no longer have to apply credit card payments by hand!”

— Jessica Ward, Roadside Services, Towbook Customer

More than just payments: Orders API and Customers API

The Developer Platform on Square extends beyond payments. Through the Orders API integration, Towbook customers can track service progress directly in the Towbook software, eliminating the need for manual tracking. This integration has empowered towing and roadside companies around the country to transition away from traditional paper and pencil methods to streamline their business operations. Towbook further utilized the Customers API to efficiently collect and manage customer information.

What’s next for Towbook

Integrating with Square fueled Towbook’s customer base growth, and they’re committed to further enhancing their integration with upcoming updates. Towbook finds the new Terminal API ability to capture a buyer’s signature, released in June, especially exciting. This feature presents a valuable opportunity to streamline impound release signatures, particularly for high-value services prone to disputes.

“We see the custom workflows as a great opportunity for impound release signatures. Customers have asked for a signature pad for years, despite having a signature option with our mobile app. I think combining payment with signature in one flow will be a huge unlock for us.”

— Gabe Al-Gharabally, Product Manager, Towbook

Additionally, Towbook’s customers are requesting the integration of popular payment methods like Cash App Pay, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Given the proven success of Towbook’s collaboration with Square and the widespread market appeal of these methods, Towbook plans to expand their payment offerings by incorporating them into their Square integration.