Case Study



  • Seeed focuses on building long-term relationships with its customers and helping businesses build custom websites, accept contactless payments and create eCommerce solutions.
  • Seeed is now expanding to a cross-platform subscription payment solution using Square’s Subscription API.
  • Seeed has helped over 46 sellers implement Square Online over the past six months.

Digital Transformation for Sellers

Seeed started 12 years ago, after transforming its advertising and print business to digital marketing and eCommerce. Its focus on solving problems with efficient solutions has led to long-term relationships with its customers while improving processes and helping them adopt new technology.

Making Things Simple but Powerful

Many restaurants and grocery stores have never had a website. They’ve traditionally focused on in-person experiences and payments. The uncertainty of 2020 has led many sellers to create websites, expand to online ordering and build additional fulfilment channels. Seeed helped them transform their businesses and adopt an omnichannel strategy with Square Online by designing online stores, adding on-demand ordering pages and setting up QR code functionality.

“It’s fast, we can set up a completely new sales channel in a matter of hours, and the fact that it includes delivery, pickup and so much more is just incredible.”

–Rowland Saer, CEO of Seeed

Building with Square

Seeed has a distributed development team, allowing it to help sellers across the United States. Working closely with Square’s Solution Partner team, Seeed was one of the first agencies to start building on Square Online.

‘We love the “let’s do it” attitude I always get from our partnership team,’ said Rowland. ‘For us, Square means complete freedom of creation and limitless possibilities.’

With dozens of implementations complete, Seeed is now building new apps using the Subscriptions API and new Square Online contactless ordering features. Its development team provides valuable product feedback on Square APIs and gets technical support through the Square Developer Forums and Slack channels.