Case Study



  • Mobi2Go built self-service kiosks for digital ordering to improve in-store waiting times and checkout experiences at quick-service restaurants.
  • The team chose Square Terminal API to enable restaurants to sync payments data to their existing POS system and offer an exceptional customer experience with the sleek Square Terminal device.
  • The integration was completed within a few weeks with access to developer documentation and support from the Square Developer team.
  • Mobi2Go has rolled out in-store kiosks across 3 multi-location, quick-service restaurant chains in Australia and Canada and hopes to expand its reach in the coming year.

Self-service kiosks for quick-service restaurant orders and checkout

Mobi2Go has been an established player in the online ordering industry for several years. The New Zealand–based company started in 2010 as an agency that built order-ahead technology for restaurants. From there, Mobi2Go expanded to become a multi-channel ordering platform for restaurants and hospitality businesses worldwide.

As more restaurants work to improve their in-store waiting time and overall customer experience, Mobi2Go saw an opportunity to disrupt the way customers order and pay for their food at quick-service restaurants (QSR). The company introduced two new technologies: table ordering (by scanning the QR code at your table) and kiosk ordering.

Mobi2Go set off to build in-store kiosks that would live at the front of quick-service restaurants in Australia and Canada. Customers would be able to use the kiosk’s touchscreen to browse a restaurant’s menu, choose menu items and review and pay for their order.

Delivering a streamlined payments experience

Before Mobi2Go could roll out kiosks, it needed a reliable way to accept and process payments. The team turned to Square to access Square Terminal API, which integrates with any POS system and connects to its first-party, all-in-one credit card machine Square Terminal. With this integration, Mobi2Go could enable restaurants to offer an exceptional customer experience and consolidate multi-channel payment data within their existing POS system.

“Choosing Square was easy. Not only is Square invested in the same markets we are, but Square Terminal is one of the sleekest terminal devices we’ve seen.”

– Tarik Mallet / CEO at Mobi2Go

Mobi2Go worked with the Square Developer team to integrate Terminal API into its backend software. With access to developer documentation and the Square Developer support team, Mobi2Go was able to complete the integration within a few weeks.

Rolling out kiosks to QSRs

To date, Mobi2Go has rolled out Terminal-powered in-store kiosks to three multi-location QSR chains in Australia and Canada. While its offering is still relatively new, Mobi2Go expects these kiosks will encourage customers to place large orders without hesitation and spend less time in a queue, and enable restaurants to optimise employee resources. Plus, a well-branded kiosk can drive increased brand awareness and affinity, and the ease of use encourages customers to come back again.

Looking ahead, Mobi2Go will continue to test kiosk ordering in the QSR industry and hopes to expand to additional regions in the coming year.