Weebly Product API

I have a client who built her store front using Weebly. I am unable to access certain product information like product description via the Square API. I have looked into the Weebly API, but in order to authenticate I would need to create a new app which seems impossible since the Weebly developer dashboard make this announcement:

We are no longer accepting new app submissions to Weebly App Center. All approved and active apps will still be available to existing and new Weebly customers. We will also continue to review updates and bug fixes to already approved apps.

You can read our FAQ here and if you have any further questions, please contact [email protected].

Is there a way to access all information regarding a product created in Weebly via the Square API?

Most item information that is created in Square Online can be obtained by the Square API, but not everything matches up (like categories). However if you’re actually talking about Weebly, and not Square Online, then there is no way to get that information. Square Online and Weebly are still two different products; you can have a Weebly website without having anything to do with Square.

The explanation I received from the client is that she used Weebly specifically because it syncs her website with her Square terminal for her brick and mortar store. As I said, I am able to pull her Product Catalog via the Square Catalog API, however, not all the relevant information is made available. It seems some of the descriptions and product stats visible on her website are not synced to the Square database. Is there a way to access these missing details from the Square API?

There is a setting in Square Online called “Sync item descriptions” (found in Square Online → Settings → Square Sync). If your client enables this setting, though, they will lose any rich-text styling in their descriptions so some folks prefer to leave it off. However, if they’re not using the rich-text styling, it should be fine to enable that setting, and then you would be able to retrieve the description.

Great! This is exactly the answer I was looking for. Thanks