Weebly and Square

What’s the status of Weebly apps with this move to Square apps?

I’m a Weebly app creator. I just tried to open a weebly account for testing and did not open the usual Weebly website editor but some sort of Weebly/Square mixed editor. Apps are nowhere to be seen in this new editor. I also can’t find any information on the Square app developer documentation about the web editor.

Please give us an update on this.

Hey @elmartus! Sorry for the late reply here. In terms of Apps for Square Online, you’re on the right track in that we’re working through developers migrating to Square APIs and be in the Square App Marketplace.

Since you’re posting about this we have added a section for Apps in the Square Online dashboard that shows some featured apps. If you’re interested in migrating your App, we have some details about the Square App marketplace here:

Also, if you have additional questions about the process or anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the Square slack community over at https://squ.re/slack

Hi @wootmoot,
I would like to build an app that inject code via API similar to

This can be done in Weebly, but not with Square API.

So, I am just wondering if you have any time line for the Weebly App migration into Square.


We are currently working on a solution for this, but we are unable to share that timeline publicly at this time.

I would recommend reaching out in our Slack community and we can put you in touch with someone running an alpha program for these features, if you’re interested in participating.

Hi @wootmoot and others

Any news about this?

It seems that Square is no longer providing support for weebly app developers. Since the acquisition we were told to write for support to [email protected] but today I found that this email is no longer in use. We get a link to the Weebly support page, where there is chatbot and no way to speak to a human about dev support.

It seems Square is dropping support for Weebly app developers before we are integrated into the Square app development. Weebly APIs stopped reflecting the whole feature set of the Weebly editor, and there are gaps which customers want us to fulfill. We can’t provide these missing features if Weebly does not provide us APIs for them. Now there is no channel for us to communicate with Weebly, we are left to our own.

We have obligations to our customers that we need to fulfil in partnership with Weebly and Square has disrupted this. I’m hoping that someone in Square will take this seriously and re establish communication channels and support for Weebly apps.

I think weebly app developers will no longer get any updates from Square and there are no support coming in. I have been working on chatbot for weebly and there were few concerns related to NLU and NLP. I have mailed the weebly dev support, I think 2 weeks back and have not heard from them. Any others who know about weebly please fill me on the contact infos. Also if you know how i can Integrate NLU into my existing Chatbot development services, please let me know.