Registering my app in Square App Marketplace

Hi, Square team.

This question is more about the commercial part of registering my app to Square’s App Marketplace. I am wondering if it is typically allowed to register an app uploaded to other POS’ app marketplace (e.g., Oracle, NCR, etc.) in Square’s App Marketplace. To paraphrase it, do you only allow an app to be registered in Square’s App Marketplace only if it is “exclusively” registered in Square’s App Market?

:wave: This is more of a question for the Partnerships team as you go through the partner program however I don’t believe there’s anything blocking you from listing your app in other marketplaces. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot for the response. May i know if there is any channels i can double check with your partnership team about this issue? I would like to check this out before i let my developers spend hundreds of hours of development efforts. I would really appreciate it.