Can a Custom App That Accesses Third Party Vendor Services run on a Square Register?

Can an app which would allow a Merchant to perform the tasks below run on a Square Register?

  1. Obtain a report of the day’s cash transactions
  2. Obtain data from third party API
  3. Post to a third party Vendor API service the amount of cash the Merchant wants to deposit to an account
  4. Make requests for other services as offered by the Vendor

:wave: Currently, the ability to have a 3rd party app running on Square Register isn’t currently available. Many of your requests can be done with our APIs however they would need to be run on a device other than the Square Register. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @Bryan-Square
Thank you for the quick reply. If I install the free POS app on my own iPad

  1. Am I able to conduct cash transactions?
  2. Am I still able to run other applications?

Thank you,

When you say, “the ability to have a 3rd party app running on Square Register isn’t currently available.” Does that mean even apps written for a Square device?
We want to write an app to run on the Register that will access the Merchant/Stores data and present it to the user as well as make calls to our own API. This use case is definitely not possible? If it is not possible, then what does run on the Register?

Okay, if it’s an iPad, you can definitely have multiple apps on that device. I thought you were talking about the Square Register.

If your wanting to build you own POS you can use either our Reader SDK or Point of Sale API to take payment with. If you’re going to be integrating vendor services you’ll need build an application separate from the Square app to handle all the functionality and unfortunately at this time there isn’t the ability to programmatically handle deposits. :slightly_smiling_face: