Can a Custom App That Accesses Vendor Services run on a Square Terminal

Can an app which would allow a Merchant to perform the tasks below run on a Square Terminal?

  1. Obtain a report of the day’s Square cash transaction
  2. Obtain Reports from Vendor service of deposits
  3. Post to a Vendor service the amount of cash the Merchant wants to deposit to an account
  4. Make requests for other services as offered by the Vendor
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:wave: Currently, with the Terminal AP you can only accept payments with the Terminal. If you would like to run reports you will need to use our APIs or run reports on the Dashboard. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello Bryan,

Can we install an icon on the dashboard to launch a custom app installed on the terminal? I don’t understand the app model.



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Unfortunately, additional apps can’t be installed on the Square Terminal.

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