Square Reader SDK + Square Register

Is there any way to load third-party apps on a Square Register (e.g. a custom app made via Reader SDK) or is it more of a closed system? I don’t have a Square Register myself, is it an Android based operating system or something custom made?

Unfortunately not at this time; the Square Register is android based, but the tablet interface itself is locked down to just use the Square POS system. You can see some some partner integrations that also can be accessed here: Square Register Supported Integrations | Square Support Center - US.

Interesting - I don’t have any of those partner integrations in particular, but if I’m understanding the documentation right it’s saying you can only access integrations via the Square Dashboard and not specifically any of those custom built apps, correct?

Sorry for the confusion, yes that’s correct. On the Register itself, you can only access Square POS (or the Retail variant).