Item Description Missing?

I am trying to accomplish, what should be a very basic task. I would like to pull in all of the details of a given Catalog Item to display on my site for sale. I can not seem to locate the item description in the data returned from the CatalogAPI call. I know that there must be a description stored somewhere because the live site that I am pulling from lists product descriptions for everything available, but it is not accessible on my new site via “item.itemData.description” as it has been while testing in sandbox. I have been retrieving the item data via client.catalogApi.listCatalog() in my sandbox site. Is there another manner that the data could be stored in which makes it not accessible via this method?

It should be in the item.item_data.description field as you mentioned. Can you provide the item_id and I’ll take a look to see what we have saved on our side?

Here is one item:


It isn’t just this item. It is all of the items in her inventory. They do not come across in the item_data like you described when making the List Catalog API call. It appears that the descriptions visible on her website for all the products created in Weebly, sync in that I can access the name, id, price, variations… etc. However, description is not one of the synced details.

Stephen, I should mention this topic is related to another question I posed regarding the syncing of Weebly created products to the Square database.

Thanks, see the post in the other thread about syncing the item description. Appreciate your willingness to help dig in here, though :slight_smile: .