Query a square account's online store (weebly) orders

Looking to write a script that will pull all our online store (weebly) orders in and do some processing.

Is this currently possible?

What do you mean by processing? You should be able to retrieve all of your orders via the SearchOrders endpoint; if you do not supply any parameters, you’ll receive all orders regardless of state/payment/etc.

If i am going to make an app for only one square account, should i make that app within that square account? Will I have to do OAuth at that point? Really just looking to get the orders, do some sorting and write a spreadsheet with some data.


If you just need it for your own Square account, then OAuth is not necessary (although we technically do recommend it just to reduce the amount of permissions for security reasons). You can definitely just use your personal access token though, which gives you access to everything by default.

We have a weebly store we can access from our Square dashboard when going to Online. But none of those orders are coming up in the Orders_API webhooks. Also, if we go to Items & Orders in our Square dashboard, out of Online, there is nothing. It seems our weebly orders are disconnected from our Square orders. Why is that? We need to access our weebly orders using the Orders_API, is there another API when using Weebly instead of Square Online? What can we do?

What’s the location_id of where the orders are going to? :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you asking for the location id in Square? It is Z13K7VEZYP65C

Also we have this message in the Weebly items:

We were unable to import all your items from Square. Use the following link to download a CSV of your items that encountered issues. Correct the listed issues within your Square account and then try to re-import.

So it looks there is some kind of connection between Square and the Weebly site but why are the orders not syncing back from Weebly to Square?

I took a look at the orders an it looks like the orders don’t have a fulfillment which is why they’re not showing in the Orders section of the Seller Dashboard. Only orders that have been fully paid for and have a fulfillment will show in the orders section.

The webhooks should still be working. I did check the webhooks logs and all the events seem to be returning a 410 which means gone. If you send a test event do you get a 2xx?

As for the sync issue you’ll need to export the CSV and re-import it to sync all the items. :slightly_smiling_face: