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Search orders

POST /v2/orders/search

Search all orders for one or more locations.

Orders include all sales, returns, and exchanges regardless of how or when they entered the Square ecosystem (such as Point of Sale, Invoices, and Connect APIs).

SearchOrders requests need to specify which locations to search and define a SearchOrdersQuery object that controls how to sort or filter the results. Your SearchOrdersQuery can:

Set filter criteria. Set the sort order. Determine whether to return results as complete Order objects or as OrderEntry objects.

Note that details for orders processed with Square Point of Sale while in offline mode might not be transmitted to Square for up to 72 hours. Offline orders have a created_at value that reflects the time the order was created, not the time it was subsequently transmitted to Square.

Search orders
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Name Description
string [ ]

The location IDs for the orders to query. All locations must belong to the same merchant.

Min: 1 location ID.

Max: 10 location IDs.


A pagination cursor returned by a previous call to this endpoint. Provide this cursor to retrieve the next set of results for your original query. For more information, see Pagination.


Query conditions used to filter or sort the results. Note that when retrieving additional pages using a cursor, you must use the original query.

integer (32-bit)

The maximum number of results to be returned in a single page. It is possible to receive fewer results than the specified limit on a given page.

Default: 500

Min 1

A Boolean that controls the format of the search results. If true, SearchOrders returns OrderEntry objects. If false, SearchOrders returns complete order objects.

Default: false.

Response Fields

Name Description
OrderEntry [ ]

A list of OrderEntries that fit the query conditions. The list is populated only if return_entries is set to true in the request.

Order [ ]

A list of Order objects that match the query conditions. The list is populated only if return_entries is set to false in the request.


The pagination cursor to be used in a subsequent request. If unset, this is the final response. For more information, see Pagination.

Error [ ]

Errors encountered during the search.


You are viewing an old version of the API
POST /v2/orders/search
  • cURL
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • C#
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Node.js
curl https://connect.squareup.com/v2/orders/search \
  -X POST \
  -H 'Square-Version: 2022-11-16' \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{
    "return_entries": true,
    "limit": 3,
    "location_ids": [
    "query": {
      "filter": {
        "date_time_filter": {
          "closed_at": {
            "start_at": "2018-03-03T20:00:00+00:00",
            "end_at": "2019-03-04T21:54:45+00:00"
        "state_filter": {
          "states": [
      "sort": {
        "sort_field": "CLOSED_AT",
        "sort_order": "DESC"
Response JSON
  "order_entries": [
      "order_id": "CAISEM82RcpmcFBM0TfOyiHV3es",
      "location_id": "057P5VYJ4A5X1",
      "version": 1
      "order_id": "CAISENgvlJ6jLWAzERDzjyHVybY",
      "location_id": "18YC4JDH91E1H"
      "order_id": "CAISEM52YcpmcWAzERDOyiWS3ty",
      "location_id": "057P5VYJ4A5X1"
  "cursor": "123"