/v2/terminals/checkouts skip_receipt_screen=false Not Working

This week our Terminal integration randomly stopped skipping the receipt screen (it was working fine the last few months).

I double checked our API requests to make sure we were sending skip_receipt_screen correctly, and here’s what I see:

  "idempotency_key": "xxxx",
  "checkout": {
    "amount_money": {
      "amount": 600,
      "currency": "USD"
    "reference_id": "0001",
    "note": "Order 0001",
    "device_options": {
      "device_id": "xxxx",
      "skip_receipt_screen": true
    "deadline_duration": "PT2M",
    "payment_type": "MANUAL_CARD_ENTRY"

I tried doing the fix here: /v2/terminals/checkouts Requiring Signature? - #5 by Bryan-Square

… but that didn’t seem to help.

Right now we’re on version 2021-09-15 of the API, but I don’t see any changes to the Terminal side of things in the changes since.

Any ideas?

As I recall, That API call does not work. The only way to get the receipt to not print AND get turn off the signature request to work is to leave the API mode on the terminal and login to it using the proper credentials then set these options in settings before then returning to API mode.

It sound like for whatever reason your terminal may have gotten reset.
There was a thread about this that helped me when trying to turn off the signature request
via the API didn’t work.

That was my first thought, too – an update or something reset the Terminal settings – so I did what you describe (logged in with credentials, checked the settings, logged back into API mode). None of them were set to show the reciept/ask for signature, but I toggled them anyway just in case.

So far, that hasn’t fixed it. I suppose I could try it again and see what happens.

@Bryan-Square Any ideas, since you were able to help with this last time?

Hey @r4bb1t! :wave:

Are you seeing this behavior for every checkout, or only some of them? If you have a checkout ID to use as an example of when this happened, I’ll get this sent over to the team to investigate.

For a good bit there it was every checkout, but it seems to have resolved itself on its own.

If it comes back, I’ll make sure to send you a checkout ID.

I Can’t understand this can you explain me in details?

I’ll try.
First know your terminal’s sign in using device code “code”.

Assuming your terminal is in API mode (Powered by Square) on the screen, swipe from the left to the right and the menu will appear. in settings, sign out, then sign in again with your username and password rather than the device code. You can then turn off the receipt printing and / or the signature screen. Save the settings and sign out again this time using the device code. The terminal should return to API mode (says Powered by Square) and then you can use it as you were but the receipt printing and or signature screen will set as you set it. on or off.

I hope this helps.

It’s back! So far it’s been every transaction today. Here’s one example checkout ID: p67ZnO4FhRmqO

I went through our Terminals and did the log out of API mode/log in regularly/check the settings/log out/log back into API mode – all of our terminals had the signature turned off and skip receipt screen turned on. I toggled them on then off again just for good measure. It still asked about receipts after that.

Thanks for your help in figuring this one out!

:wave: Everything looks correct with the request. Let me ask the team to take a look. :slightly_smiling_face:

Any updates from your end on this one?

Are you still getting the receipt screen with all the settings off?

It comes and goes, but yes, intermittently. The more I look at it, it seems to be happening after the Terminal’s software updates (even though the settings don’t change).

Okay, I’ll share that with the team.

Just circling back to let you know this is happening again. Still intermittent. Have you heard anything from the team?

:wave: New: Skip the signature screen to speed up your checkout. Major credit card companies no longer require signatures. You can now set the new collect_signature field to false to skip the signature screen when using Terminal API. Note: The Square API version must be 2022-04-20 or later. Visit our developer documentation to learn more. :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome, thanks so much!