Terminal not showing Checkout

Has anyone had any issues sending a checkout to a terminal using the API? Everything was set up according to the docs, however when I send my checkout, it succeeds but the terminal does nothing.

Hey @jduskey, welcome to the forums!

I played around with it myself as of a few days ago and it worked correctly. Did you successfully update your terminal as in the docs? If so, is it on a black screen and says “Ready to take a payment” after you logged in via the device code?

Thanks for the quick response @sjosey !

I did update the device this morning, it wouldn’t let me add using a device code this morning until I did. As of right now, it is on the “Ready to take a payment” screen, however it does not move off of that screen when I send a checkout. I have also tried rebooting to no avail. The device is still responsive, and I have checked internet connectivity which seems fine.

When I send the checkout, everything goes through however it doesn’t show anything on the terminal, and eventually the checkout gets cancelled due to time out.

So I just tested this out to make sure it was working, and it seems to be working fine. Just to confirm, in the CreateTerminalCheckout request, does the device_options->device_id match the serial number on the bottom of the terminal (it should if you logged in via the device code and received the device_id)?

@sjosey You are the man! I misunderstood, and was pulling the ID from the device code response, not the device ID.

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