The ticket number of an order keeps the same: "Order"

We have two Square POSs and each connected with a star printer and we setup the setting as “auto assign ticket number”. One printer is working well, it increases the ticket number every time, like 40, 41, … etc, while another printer keeps printing the same ticket number: Order. We use retrieve order API to get the field “ticket name”, its value is exactly the Order. We are very confused with that, since nobody inputs this word while creating ticket on POS. It just gets assigned with the same value Order every time. Could you let us know if there is any default setting we can change? We just want it has “auto assign ticket number” functionality like another pair of POS and printer.

:wave: It’s definitely supposed to be changing the ticket number for each order. What troubleshooting steps have you done? I’d recommend trying the following:

  • Restarting the printer
  • Delete and reinstall the printer
  • Restart the device the POS is running on

If non of the above works you can try deleting and reinstalling the app. Please note that your all your settings you configured with revert back to the default settings when deleting and reinstalling. :slightly_smiling_face: