IOS App Doesn't save Custom Ticket Name

We use IOS App to create a new ticket with custom name and use other payment type to record the payment. But when we use Retrieve Order API to retrieve the order, the ticket name is not the one we saved, instead it is the number it auto-generated.
In comparison, if we do the same workflow on the register, then use the same API, the ticket name is the one we specified.
Here are examples:
Non-working one: Tickets/Orders created on IOS app:
“id”: “rUojooGhShC45dZvvx43w0neV”,
“location_id”: “LS4BNEM2XRV6W”,

Working one: Tickets/Orders created on Register:
“id”: “rurcB3NBmTcP5zNlB9ebzi4eV”,
“location_id”: “LS4BNEM2XRV6W”,

All the workflows are the same, both receipts printed are working fine which are using the custom ticket name, but the API gives different ticket name attribute.

Sorry for the delay on this. I’m checking with the team on the behavior. :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t seen such type of errors while working with my team while working on ios development.
Will look at this matter soon

Do you have an estimate timeline? Have you been able to reproduce the issue internally? Do you need more details from me?

The team is still working on this however to avoid the ticket number printing you can do the following:

  1. Go to Settings → Checkout and turn “Order tickets” to “Manual”.

That will prevent the number from ever getting set. :slightly_smiling_face:

Then it will use a random alphanumeric strings. It still doesn’t give the ticket name I set.
Also to clarify, it prints out correctly in the order slip. The issue is that the API never returns the correct name.