Order auto printing issue

One of our merchants updated all her square devices this morning. After that the orders placed by API won’t be printed out automatically as they were. We checked and made sure we selected all categories (including the uncategorized), and turned on “Automatic print online to order tickets”. Can you please check it? Everything works well even yesterday.

Merchant id: ML2CV5EN1CAZD
Example order id: 3GgS1J5cUaNzE7wpgVPZz6MbJe7YY

When you say update do you mean the Square app or the OS on the device? Also have they tried deleting the printer station and recreating it? If that doesn’t work have they tried to restart the device? :slightly_smiling_face:

They tried to recreate the printer station and restart the devices yesterday, but neither work. However, they reported that the printer printed all the orders today morning and everything back to normal. We believe this is a Square bug as the same thing has happened 3 times to different merchants.

The issue time line:

  1. Merchant update the device to the latest version
  2. Printer doesn’t print the order automatically
  3. Recreate the printer station and restart the devices don’t work
  4. Printer prints all orders on the next day’s morning, then everything back to normal

Glad to hear that it’s back working as instructed. If this happens again I would instruct the seller to contact our Customer Success directly. This is cause its orders printing from the POS. I understand that the order may have been created by the API but the issue lies in the POS order manager. :slightly_smiling_face: