Square Order API from external Website / external Payment

Dear Community, I have a question. We are building an external ordering website for a restaurant (outside the USA) so that customers can order and pay themselves (with an external payment provider).

Now the question: What must be considered with createOrder so that the order is automatically printed out on the kitchen printer?

Warm greetings,

:wave: With the Orders API when you create an order with a fulfillment and the order is fully paid for it will push to the device to be printed. If the OrderFulfillmentPickupDetailsScheduleType is ASAP the fulfillment will be picked up as soon as possible and should be prepared immediately which will trigger the order to print when the order is paid for. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Bryan, thank you, it works ;-). I mentioned you in another post regarding the reliability of the auto-print function. I’m looking forward to your response.