Print receipts automatically


I’m using the Square API to generate orders in Square POS. Is there an API available to trigger the printing of order receipts?

Currently, there isn’t an API for triggering an order to print. If the order has a fulfillment and the sellers POS is connected to a printer and configured to a printer then the order will automatically print when paid for or at its scheduled time based on prep_time_duration. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the update

Hello @Mahesh ,

Yes, Square provides an API that can be used to trigger the printing of order receipts. You can use the Terminal API to print or issue a receipt for a pre-existing payment or for a cash payment after recording it with the Payments API. This feature utilizes the Terminal action endpoints, such as CreateTerminalAction, and the RECEIPT Terminal action type.

Pair a Square Terminal using the Devices API.
Use the Terminal API to create a Terminal action with the RECEIPT action type.
Specify the payment ID for which you want to print the receipt.
Set the print_only parameter to true if you want the Square Terminal to print the receipt directly without displaying the receipt options screen.

Please note that to use this feature, your developer account must be enabled to subscribe to Terminal API action webhooks, and you should have the necessary OAuth permissions: PAYMENTS_READ for getting or searching for a Terminal action request and PAYMENTS_WRITE for creating or canceling a Terminal action request.

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