Online order -> Print to kitchen printer

I have a food-truck business that takes in-person payments via Square terminal. When the in-person transaction completes, the order is printed at the external kitchen printer as expected. No problems there.

They are looking to expand to allow online orders (order ahead), and I’ve built a custom integration to do this. The integration uses various APIs, very similar to the sample app provided by Square.

The thing I can’t figure out is how to trigger that external kitchen printer to print the order after the order is placed. The settings for the printer are configured correctly, but nothing prints, and the order goes totally unnoticed by the folks working the truck. I can see the transaction on the terminal, but only if I know which transaction I’m looking for.

Is it not possible with only the square terminal onsite? Or what am I missing?

Hey @linuxdave welcome to the forums!

So if you’re using the Square Terminal, unfortunately it doesn’t actually support external orders unfortunately. You would ultimately need to set up a tablet connected to a printer with the Square POS to enable printing of orders. You could then push orders to the POS and it would print out automatically if the setting is enabled (which doesn’t exist on the Terminal).

Thank you sjosey. Please consider making this limitation more apparent on the product pages.