Issue with orders sometimes not printing out

Hi there,

I have a user reporting an inconsistent issue with orders sometimes not printing out. This happens seemingly randomly, usually Square POS prints fine, but sometimes it doesn’t. Interestingly, the order shows up in the UI for Square POS and Square KDS, so the order data does get there, but it just doesn’t print. It’s really critical since the user needs to prep the order (food), but isn’t getting the printout as a notification. I should also note that they have things like Square Online not encountering this issue, so it only happens for our integration. I’m not sure what would cause this randomness though. Can anyone at Square help in debugging the issue?

Merchant ID is CWCQ85XBY5S4G.

Here are some order IDs where the orders did not print:


I can provide additional info as need, let me know what would help!

Following up with some more info from the merchant, pasted below in quotes:

In addition, I also had a QR order placed that alerted me in the Weebly app but never printed or showed in the Orders screen at all.

So it seems that it’s not just happening for our integration as I originally posted, which leads me to believe it’s an issue in the Square POS app for some reason… any ideas?


The last few days I’m seeing a pattern emerge. The first one or two orders of the day go through with no issue. After that, we don’t see any physical prints but it does show as an order alert and on the KDS.

If we leave it alone for multiple hours (I haven’t counted specific numbers but I’d say longer than 3 or 4), the next order will print then subsequent orders do not.

This seems to be independent of app version, if the open tabs are enabled, or first order time of day.

Do you have the order_ids that they experienced this with?

I don’t have the exact order IDs for these latest ones, reason being is the merchant is just mentioning a high level pattern they’ve been seeing so we don’t have the exact timestamps. Is there a reason the order IDs in my original post are not sufficient? Those are ones with timestamps that we’ve confirmed did not print.