Orders API - Strange Behavior Today (6/23/2021)

I’m getting multiple reports from users today experiencing issues with Orders API, specifically:

  1. Orders are being paid for but don’t show up in Square POS’s Order Manager until some time later (5 minutes+). While it usually shows up in a few seconds, I’ve seen delays happen before - is there any way to explain why this is happening to the merchant?

  2. One user is reporting orders not showing up at all.

  3. One other report had some even strange behavior that I’ve not seen before, where the order shows up in Order Manager but a lot of the data is missing from the order, see screenshot below.

Wondering is this is at all related to Order API -> Create Order Errors?

A delay can happen from time to time. Are they doing the following:

  • Closing out orders as they are being completed
  • In the Square app
  • Push notification enabled in the device settings
  • All other apps on the device backgrounded

I don’t think it was anything related to a particular user’s behavior/setup on that list, for example, earlier in the morning when I attempted the same on my own device (pushing an order to Square POS via Orders API), I saw the same 5 minute+ delay for it to finally appear that the merchant was seeing just today. Now orders are showing up within a few seconds as expected which leads me to believe it might be something on Square’s end was causing the issues.

In my particular case I had 100 or so orders in my Order Manager, had the Square app active as usual, but no push notifications enabled. But again, the behavior resolved on its own (at least on my setup) without any changes.

Glad to hear that the orders are showing up more quickly but please note that at times a several minute delay can happen. Please let us know if you continue to run into any significant delays.

What about the other issues I brought up? Any insight as to what’s going wrong on that front?

Are you referring to the order that was missing information? If so what’s the Square order_id that they are seeing the issue with? :slightly_smiling_face: