Delay in orders on Square POS

Hi there,

We have a seller that reported delays in receiving orders on Square POS, up to 30 minutes.
They sent us few examples of orders (order IDs) as follows:

  • bkPWpX6vDMsKbgEKT22KhfAXIzXZY

  • pDXCIFGzbbskO7sODLlb0hjFC9IZY

  • RJAUxdCdQbTGCw8rvWEuuZfeh9OZY

Please be advised if there is any specific reason for the delay so that we can report back to the seller.

Thank you.

We took a look at the logs and found the following:

  • bkPWpX6vDMsKbgEKT22KhfAXIzXZY was marked in progress 17 minutes after it was paid for.
  • pDXCIFGzbbskO7sODLlb0hjFC9IZY was marked in progress 11 minutes after it was paid for.
  • RJAUxdCdQbTGCw8rvWEuuZfeh9OZY did have a long delay between being paid for and marked in progress but did showed up on at least 1 device quickly and on the other device they backgrounded the app. :slightly_smiling_face: