Orders showing up in Square POS slowly

I’ve been seeing some more reports the past couple month from our users of orders showing up in the Square POS Orders tab much more slowly than desired (related to the delays mentioned in a prior thread). In this particular use case, it’s a coffee shop, so even small delays of a minute to a few minutes affect their operations. They want to push orders through as fast as possible. Here’s the feedback from the merchant:

Hello, we are experiencing a delay in order coming from printer receipt. When going to orders on square POS the order does not show. There is a time delay ranging from 15 seconds up to a minute and even more at times. The last bit of information is that the order does show in in the transactions immediately. So the delay seems to be coming from the POS order and printer.

The mention of it showing up in the Transactions tab of Square POS is interesting - why is there a delay between these two areas in Square POS? Any reasons that can help explain to our merchants why these delays might happen would be super helpful! I’m thinking even a support article on Square’s end for Orders API delays would be helpful as a reference.

:wave: Thanks for passing along this feedback. I’ll be sure to share this with the team. With Order Manager there are instances where a delay of several minutes can happen. We do try to have the orders show up as fast as possible. For the difference between the Order Manager and the Transactions these are two very different areas of the POS that perform different actions and while one may sometimes be delayed we do our best to ensure they are in sync.

Ah yes… mine took over 10 mins! a customer can’t order a cup of coffee and drive up to grab it if we have to wait 10 - 15 mins just to receive their order :scream:

  • Did i hit a wall here?

_ no other users or anything else happening on the API or on the square POS btw -

Hi @Bryan-Square, any update on this? It’s still an issue that we see reported by users. In fact, someone today just mentioned that the past couple days they’ve noticed more of a delay that was never there before.

Do you have the order_ids that were delayed? :slightly_smiling_face:

Haven’t been able to get the order IDs for that particular instance, but here’s one from a totally different seller today where the order took an estimated 3 minutes to print.

Order ID: sJIAbfDcGUDCW0oaDyR5YpfxnvfZY
Merchant ID: 5T3VXPC3CXW4J

Let me know what other info could be useful on your end.