Square Order Marked As Completed Automatically

We received a support request from one of our sellers. They mentioned that they didn’t receive an order on their Square POS.

Upon our investigation we saw that their order was sent to Square successfully (order id: eT1HrIsKNsZuSuwaWTVJDUacs7aZY)

But we also noticed that the order was accepted, marked as ready and got completed 2 minutes after the order was created. (see below)

"fulfillments": [
                "uid": "8wUuCjC3l8TkaZuNrPHO6",
                "type": "PICKUP",
                "state": "COMPLETED",
                "pickup_details": {
                    "pickup_at": "2020-08-28T16:29:18.933Z",
                    "placed_at": "2020-08-28T16:09:19.973Z",
                    "accepted_at": "2020-08-28T16:11:18.796Z",
                    "ready_at": "2020-08-28T16:11:28.728Z",
                    "schedule_type": "ASAP",
                    "recipient": {
                        "customer_id": "RQNSPXAABRVTQCVQZE5HNWR064",
                        "display_name": "*****",
                        "email_address": "*****",
                        "phone_number": "******"
                    "picked_up_at": "2020-08-28T16:11:28.728Z"

Since the seller is saying they didn’t receive the order on Square POS, how can we know who marked this order as completed?

There’s no way that you would be able to see who or what completed it at this time, unfortunately. Internally, I see it was moved to RESERVED and then COMPLETED on the same device (Android 9, Point of Sale application).

Thanks Stephen,

Is it possible they have any automation in place that marks orders as reserved or completed?

The seller is saying they didn’t do this manually.

As far as I know there’s no way to make orders auto-complete on the Square POS app, so that shouldn’t be possible.

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Thanks Stephen.
I’ll have our team to reach out to the customer again.