POS orders state OPEN issue[Super Urgent, ASAP!]


This issue happened to some of our merchant owners. All the POS orders they made are state=open. It totally breaks our integration logics as we only capture the order that state is COMPLETED. Could you please check this merchant G1C4C6VKK3HCR with location: 9Y1ES89G6999V as an example!
Order sameple:


This is expected if they’re using the sign on printed receipt’s. Payments will be in an AUTHORIZED state till the seller captures the payment. At that time the order will become COMPLETED. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, but I don’t think that’s the case.

  1. They didn’t turn on it after checking.
  2. It suddenly happened, at the beginning none of the POS orders has changed the state from OPEN to COMPLETED, after an hour, some POS orders just made have changed to COMPLETED in 10 minutes without any operation from merchant side. Meanwhile, all the POS orders are shown correctly on POS.

I strongly suspect there is something wrong behind it as Square has the disruption almost at the same time. However, although the Square released the fix, the merchant is still suffering from this issue now.

I still see open orders on the sellers account. Did the seller enable any setting on the device that would create these authorized orders? That’s the only way that payments would get into this state. Or did they have any connection issues when processing the payments?

We recommend that you have the seller go through the authorized payments and capture them before they void. :slight_smile:

They said they didn’t do anything beside enabling the Square loyalty program, but it shouldn’t affect it right? It just suddenly started at yesterday’s afternoon, it was all good before. Could you check their account to see which configuration is turned on directly?

That’s right! That shouldn’t effect the payments. I unfortunately can’t check the settings. I’d recommend having them reach out to Customer Success about this since they’re taking the payments with the Square Register and these payments need to be settled. :slight_smile: