Track Open Orders via API (It's been 3 years)

We’ve been waiting over 3 years for Square to add the ability to track open orders via the API. In that time we’ve seen countless API updates, but nothing related to this. We work with 10 of the top POS systems, and Square is the only API that doesn’t let us track open orders. It’s extremely problematic for Square POS users that use our product. Does anyone have any update as to when this will be available?


At this time there isn’t any public update on the ability to get open orders. Yes, this is a long standing feature requests and we do hope to have something in the future. However the timeline for this feature isn’t publicly available. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the quick reply Bryan. We were told some time ago that we could beta or alpha test the update to track open orders. If someone can reach out to me privately to give a timeline that’ll help. We have a new location that just signed with Square only to use the Drink Exchange and they’re pretty concerned about it (they use the Drink Exchange as their theme). Thanks again

This is great feedback. I’ll be sure to let the team know. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just wanting to jump in and +1 this. It’s been a blocker for an integration all of our customers currently on Square are asking for. Some of them are even asking us about switching POS due to it (we can support this on several other POS platforms). I’d much rather not have to have them go through that so if a timeline can be shared publicly, I’m sure that will help them with their decisions.

Really looking forward to this feature!

This is also a huge item for us. The ability for us to send an unpaid order to square via api and then have it visible in the terminal device for collecting payment when the customer comes in to pick up is crucial.