OrdersApi not pushing orders to square pos android app correctly

I’ve been working with the OrdersApi/PaymentApi to create a custom order experience using the react sq payment form as an entry point. The order is created successfully and payment is completed and the order is even available in the dashboard and app but won’t push a notification. Am I missing something in the settings on the pos app?

Hi @Miken91vt, welcome to the forums!

What device are you currently using? I believe it only pushes to Android devices and iPads, but not iPhones at this time. If you are using one of the working devices, it should show up within the “Orders” tab, and you should receive a notification as soon as it’s submitted as far as I know.

I’m using an iPhone 11. I sort of figured that was the case as iOS seems weird about push notifications. The business owner is using an android phone and couldn’t get notifications to pop up but I’m wondering if it’s a problem with his notification settings. I have an iPad I can test on and verify. Thanks so much for the response and it has been a pleasure to build with square APIs.