Star TSP654IISK Sticky Label Printer issue


We found the same issue happened on 2 different merchants that the Star TSP654IISK Sticky Label Printer printer won’t print all the tickets. It will show up as “print fail” on Square POS. The merchant already selected all the categories and even uncategorized. In addition, other printers can print the ticket correctly on the same order.

Order sample:

The item didn’t get printed:
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What troubleshooting did they do? For example did they restart the printer as well as the device that’s connected to the printer? After restart did this still happen? :slight_smile:

Yes, they did. Even reseting the printer doesn’t help.

We are having the same issue, we even did a factory reset on the POS to manually update the software and it still doesn’t work.

Are you on the latest version of the Square app? :slight_smile: