Signature pad not showing with tip options in Android Square point of sale app even though toggled on

Hi Team,

For android app version 5.86, Collect Signature toggle is turned on under the Settings > Checkout > Signature and receipt options, but while I made card payments in “Manual Credit Card Entry” payment options, it is not prompting for Signature pad along with tips in mobile device.

How to enable always to show signature pad in making payments from both Keyed-In and In-Person payment processes?

Thanks for the time! - Niranjana

:wave: What device is this happening with and is this with the Point of Sale API or are you using the Square app from the Play Store without our SDKs? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for the reply and yes, this is from Square app from the google play store without any SDKs!


Hi Bryan,

Is there any possibility using with “Point of Sale API” to retrieve tip amount data along with transaction status, client real transaction ID, server real transaction ID in the callback?


:wave: With Square the returned transaction_id can be used to call RetrieveOrder. This will give you all the details of the order which will have the tip_money in the tender of the payment. :slightly_smiling_face: