Square POS API behavior Contactless vs EMV

Hi there,

We have an android application using the Square POS API to process payments.
When we do a payment with our app, we start the square intent to use the Square Pos API. The reader is ready to read a Credit card.
we have 2 situations:

  1. When we tape the card (Contactless): we got the message telling the payment had been accepted and right after the Square activity returns to our application (so we can print the payment receipt) this is ok.

  2. When we insert the card inside the reader (EMV) : we got the message telling the payment had been accepted but the square activity keeps showing (no return to our activity). we have to tape on a link on the top left Side of the activity (New Sale – check the attached print screen)

My question is : Can we have the same behavior as point 1, I mean the square activity returns right away to my app so we can resume our payment workflow.

As far as I know the two should behave the same. What version of the Square POS application does your device currently have? Can you try updating it and seeing if the issue remains the same? I believe there was an issue on our side a few weeks ago that had issues with the POS API switching back and it was resolved in a new release. If that doesn’t work, though, of course let met know and I’ll dig further into this!

I have used the : Square Point of Sale V5.52
I think this is the last version.