Point Of Sales API integration on android

We trying to integrate our android App with Square POS API to accept Payments.
I have some questions about the integration.

  1. We restricted tenders to CARD only, but is it possible to remove the option that allows key entry?
  2. Is it possible to skip the activity that allows sending receipts to customer by email or SMS that shows up right after a payment? (we don’t need that)
  3. Is it possible to make tests for payments & webhooks without getting really charged ? 
  4. Do you plan to enable the Reader SDK on other countries like Canada in short or long term?

Thank you

  1. No, unfortunately not. The CARD parameter encompasses all of the card methods.
  2. There is not an explicit setting in the API, but I believe if you set up your actual Square POS to skip the receipt, then the POS API would respect that setting. (see here for info on that: https://squareup.com/help/us/en/article/5684-skip-the-receipt-screen-to-speed-up-checkout)
  3. Only cash payments. If you want to test card payments, unfortunately there is no sandbox mode for Square POS API, so you would need to do real charges and refund yourself.
  4. We certainly hope so, but I do not have any confirmed information around if this is coming or not unfortunately.

Thank you for your answers