Mobile payment API

I’m creating a web page which will run in Kiosk mode on an Android tablet. Using the documentation at I can create a button which opens the payment page within the Square app. As this is running in Kiosk mode unattended I’d like to disable certain options;

On the payment page remove these options;

  • Split amount link
  • Manual credit card entry option
  • Manual gift card entry option

Once the payment is received, I don’t want the receipt options, nor the option add a customer or new sale. Ideally I’d like to bypass this screen and redirect back to my web app with either success or failure.

Is any of the above possible?


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Unfortunately I do not believe the first two options are possible. The additional payment type is all encompassed under the “CREDIT_CARD” payment type which will include the manual credit card. As for the gift card, if you mean Square gift card, you should just not pass SQUARE_GIFT_CARD in the additional payment types:

Thanks for the reply.

The only payment type I’m passing is card and no additional payment types.

Is any of the above feasible if I used the Android SDK or the REST API?

The REST API and SDKs (which are just wrappers for the REST API) are not for in-person payments unfortunately. They are for online transactions, and many other things (like customers, inventory, catalog, etc management), so no this wouldn’t be possible with those either.

What about the terminal API?

I currently have a reader so will this work or will I need a terminal?

The Terminal API does indeed require a Square Terminal. So you are correct, the Terminal API would answer all three of your points. It does not allow split payments, nor does it allow manual card entry.