Square POS Api vs Square Terminal

Since more then a year we are using the Point-of-Sale-API from a WebApp with an iPad in a Stare Stand and it work great !

For an other business we also use the Square Stand with just the Square App and decided to also buy a Square Terminal to be the " client facing " screen and be able to print receipt since the terminal can now print receipt for cash transaction done with the Square Point of Sale App on iPad ( Connect Square Terminal with your Point of Sale | Square Support Center - US )

But at my surprise, when I tried to use our custom web app ( that use point-of-sale-api ) I don’t have the choice to make the payment via the terminal ? How come ?

If I open the Square App by itself, I can do payment via the terminal, but if I call via the POS API ( https://developer.squareup.com/docs/pos-api/web-technical-reference / Mobile Web on iOS ) I don’t have the " Terminal " choice ?

The supported_tender_types CREDIT_CARD should allow the use of the terminal to complete the payment.

I know our web app could directly use the terminal-api to pay via terminal, but for now we wanted to be able to use the terminal without changing the workflow of Webapp → Square POS App → WebApp and don’t have to do extensive modification / training with our staff.

I put it as a feature request, but maybe it could be flag as a bug in the IOS Square POS app ?

It will be really great if the " terminal payment " option will be show when we call the Point of Sale app on IOS from Mobile Web.

We’re constantly working to improve our features based on feedback like this, so I’ll be sure to share your request to the API product team. :slight_smile:

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Just to help you to put the feature request to the correct team

In fact just a small change in the Square Point of Sale iOS application ( to allow to pay via the paired terminal when the supported_tender_types include CREDIT_CARD ) could be done for it to work without any change to the API.

@Bryan-Square have you check with the Square POS team if the UI can just be changed to show " Square Terminal " when they receive the call with supported_tender_types = CREDIT_CARD ?

Like they show the " Square Terminal " option as payment method if I do a transaction directly in the App.

I don’t think any change have to be make to the API, it’s just the Square POS ( specifically on Apple device in my case ) that don’t present the full list of payment method ( including the square terminal ) when called via the Point of Sale API !

It’s almost more like a UI bug in the square POS app on IOS

At this time processing a payment with the Terminal with Point of Sale API isn’t currently available. If you’d like to process a payment with the Terminal from your custom application you’ll need to have your mobile app make an API call to CreateTerminalCheckout. :slightly_smiling_face: