Bluetooth Communication with Square Point of Sale?

Is it possible for developers to create their own version of an app like Square Terminal that can connect to a Point of Sale via bluetooth?

We have an app that manages to sync orders made at a terminal with external customer scans via a less than desired series of complicated backend checks and a custom app. I saw a setup video of connecting Square Terminal to Square POS to create/manage orders. I want to create my own app that connects the same way (presumably) that would allow me to set information on the current order of a POS. If my app scans a users QR code it hopefully could then set:

  • Customer Id
  • Reference Id
  • Apply Discount/Coupon to order

While also still showing information/functionality in app related to the user.

:wave: Currently the way to connect your custom app to accept payment with a Square Terminal is to use the Terminal API. Square Terminal API lets developers integrate Square payments with any software platform using Square Terminal, an all-in-one card payments device. Terminal API is compatible with any software, platform, or operating system (iOS, Android, desktop, or mobile web). Once you’ve integrated, you can use the Terminal for in-person, card-present payments. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your response.

I am not sure the Terminal API can accomplish my goals, as I don’t expect/want to finalize payments via my app, I want to modify an order on a Point of Sale (iPad) before payment. I don’t see any way in the Terminal API to edit the order, just finalize payment.

That’s correct, the Terminal API is just for processing payments. Currently orders that are created and paid for with our APIs that push to the Square app aren’t able to be edited on the device. :slightly_smiling_face: