POS to Square terminal integration

I am trying to integrate square terminal to a custom POS. The POS has an add-on to do it. What it is asking for is only application id and access token. It should then be able to retrieve the payment terminal details. I tried to create an an application in square developer, but dont know how to pair the physical terminal to the application. Currently my POS doesn’t recognise any terminal connected. We have only 1 physical location.
Any ideas welcome.

:wave: With the Terminal API you’ll need to first pair the device by creating a device code to log into the Terminal. Then you’ll use the device_id to CreateTerminalCheckouts for taking payments with the Terminal API. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you Bryan-Square for the reply. I am not a developer as such. The POS gives an option to enter application id and access toke
as in the picture.

It should then be able to connect to the terminal; at least that is what they say. But I don’t see the square terminal in the list.
I created an application in the square developer and gave id and token from it to POS. But don’t know where the pairing with terminal happens.

I contacted POS developer. They say if I can see the terminal in my square account, that could be used by the POS.
May be I am trying to do something which is not supposed to work. Anymore ideas before I hire a developer? Thanks.

What 3rd party integration are you using and did they advertise that it worked with the Square Terminal?

Hi, It is a woocommerce add on.
[Woocommerce – Openpos – Square Terminal Checkout – OpenPOS – Best Point Of Sale For Woocommerce]
But after clearing cache, I was able to select the correct terminal in the plugin. I still cant’t see square at check out. Have asked developer for support.