Terminal API to Square Register?

We have a square register in our shop for handling in-person purchases etc. It is the one with the attached customer display that faces the customer.

I’m working on a workflow for our website which uses woocommerce - where if someone had chosen to pay in the shop instead of online, we would have a button on the order in woocommerce that we click and it would create the order in square via api, then it would send to Terminal via api to have customer pay.

Is this possible with the Square Register? Or will it only work with the little Terminal devices? Would be good if we didn’t have to buy another device.

@Bryan-Square any insights? I’m in a holding pattern until I can confirm this.

If it is possible would it be problem to pair to it with a POS application but still have it be used as a square register?

I’m starting to think that not possible to have paired to two different things at the same time.

Hey @scottbrainbrew! :wave: Terminal API cannot be used with Square Register, only the Square Terminal.

Thanks - I was starting to realize that - off to buy a terminal then!

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