I need to integrate POS device to my c# .Net WPF application to verify payment which is better way?

I have created a WPF application and integrate checkout-api successfully for payment via payment-url. Now I want to integrate POS device so can access card payment also at same application. Please guide, suggest a proper way to integrate it

You can integrate with Terminal API to accept in-person payments with your application. :slightly_smiling_face:

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AS per document terminal API - " need to integrate your POS application with the Reader SDK. As per Reader SDK Overview -“The Reader SDK is currently available only for accounts based in the United States.” . I am creating for Australian account. will it works?

If I need to add SDK at my WPF -Desktop app?

Reader SDK at this time is only available in the US and is a mobile SDK. For processing in person payments on a desktop application you’ll need to use the Terminal API. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok thanks @Bryan-Square.
I have reviewed terminal api Video posted at You Tube channel it will help me more about to integration. will update or ask here if any issues…

Any way to send payment request from WPF application to SQUARE READER? Now this is my current requirement. If the terminal API works for it also?

Terminal API currently only works with Square’s Terminal devices (pictured below), not the Square Reader. If you’d like to integrate with a Square Reader and Reader SDK is not an option, you can use the Point of Sale API instead.

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I am working with Terminal API. If I have my own Terminal Device than is it Required to get Device code and then pair? If not How can I get My Terminal Device’s Device_id?

Yes, to use Terminal API you’ll need to use a device code to pair the device. You can find steps on how to do so here: Connect a Square Terminal to a POS Application

As per document Terminal Device need to pair & unpair or Login & Logout for each transactions? As my device will be used for single application at same location, pair-unpair each time is too time consuming.

The Terminal will not need to be re-paired for every transaction. After the initial pairing, as long as the Terminal remains paired you’ll be able to send checkouts to it via API.

So that means once a paired Device ID get we can do multiple different transactions. Any timeout duration applied to terminal device? How Long it will paired if Device be idle?

Once paired, your Terminal will remain paired indefinitely unless you explicitly log out. Occasionally, there may be some software updates that require re-pairing, but this is not the norm.

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That’s great…Thanks @josh-square

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