The lights are coming on, but I'm still dim on something. - newbie alert

My end goal was to integrate a square terminal into my POS program.
I have a square account I have had for some time. I’m using that instead of the sandbox to get my feet wet as I wanted to have to get OAuth2 token management going per the best practices docs and I think I do.

I turned my sights then to pairing and checkout. I have the rascal paired and in doing so, it became apparent that signing into the thing with a device code means that it may no longer “hooked” to my square account as it is when I sign into it with an email address and pw. Hence why this bit is on the production app page?

This initially confused me because the square account that this production app is hooked to takes payments all the time via various methods.

The reason I ask all this is because after I got it paired via my webhook and all that, it says “Powered by Square” and some posts here say this is how it
should look but others have said it should say “Ready for a payment” or some such.

I’m initially getting a 400 Not OK when trying to send a Terminal Checkout. Now this could be for a myriad of reasons and I have only begun to fight, but I want to make certain of the above assumptions before I chase down too many rabbit holes trying to check out.



:wave: With the Terminal API when you create a device_code you are required to pass in a location_id and in the header there is an an access token that is specific to your account. Also when you sign up for Square you must verify your identity in order to process production payments. If you don’t verify your identity you can still access your Square account but you can’t take a production payment till you pass verification.

When the Terminal is correctly configured it will say “Powered by Square.” Previously the screen did say “Ready for payment” but it has since been updated. What’s your application Id so we can look into the 400 error? :slightly_smiling_face:

App ID be: sq0idp-i0V_z6fsx7cL9Xq2TEwaSg

1000 thanks.

P.S. when I got the terminal we tried it stand alone with a dollar charge and it went through no problem. That was with our email / pw.

Looking at the logs it appears that you are passing an invalid value for deadline_duration . It needs to be in RFC 3339 format. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you.

I pasted the method from:

I guess that’s what I get. :blush: