Serial Numbers for Items

I have a tool business and I need to record serial numbers for products for warranty purposes. If a customer returns an item a year later I need to know that he purchased it from my store. I have tried creating a new field. But you can’t search it in the future using the serial number.
I have tried using a variation name, but it does not follow the item sold. When the item is sold, the variation name still remains.
I can’t believe a pos system like this does not have the ability to record serial numbers on products.

Hi @BTopper, have you explored if Custom Attributes would be appropriate for your use case? These are also searchable from your Seller Dashboard.

I see how that may work, but then I would need to create a new item for each one I have in stock? I haven’t looked yet, but when I select it at the terminal to be sold. Can I select the proper one with the correct serial number?
Or if I have 5 items in stock. Would I just create 5 custom attributes with different serial numbers?

Are you using a custom application for checking out the customer or is this with the Terminal POS that we have on the device? :slightly_smiling_face:

This is using the terminal POS.

Okay, since you’re using the POS that’s on the Terminal then you would need a new item for each serial number or you’d need to add the serial number as a note at the time of checkout. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you,

But if I created a new item for each serial number I would eventually end up with too many items? I tried adding it to the notes at time of checkout, but that field will not allow me to use a bar scanner. And serial numbers can be quite long with numbers and letters. It would take forever to enter them and a possibility of mistakes.

If I did what you suggested and entered a new item for each serial number? Could I delete the item later and if so, would it still show up in my sales if I need to search for it later?

Thanks again for your help,

Unfortunately, the notes field can’t be populated by a bar code scanner. If you do create a new item for each serial number you can delete the item after it’s been sold. Sadly that’s a bit time consuming. :disappointed:

Thank you so much for your help with this.
I’m really surprised that Square has not implemented a Serial Number Field. All POS systems have it. Anyone in the electronics industry, tools sales, or anything with a serial number is limited using square because of this feature.
I need to know if and when a customer returns and item that it was sold by my store…the only way is to track serial numbers.

I created a custom attribute called Serial Numbers and it looks good…lol, But I notice it doesn’t show on receipts or able to search it in the future.

It looks like for now I will go the route of deleting the item after it sells. If I do that where would I enter the serial number? Would Variation Name work? If so, after its deleted…I will be able to search it again correct?


Will you be using our APIs to search for the item or the Seller Dashboard?

Whatever you advise me to use which would work better for me.
I don’t know how to use APIs
So yes seller dashboard.