Square Online item number via API

Is there any way today to link the Square Online item number (i.e. 381) to the SKU or catalog item number that exists within the API?

I’m working on a notification script for customers that allows them to be notified when an item returns to stock. I’m able to pass their email, item name (not always unique), and web item number from the URL into the DB. I’m able via webhook to be notified on a change in stock levels. What I’m unable to do is link the item information in the existing API to anything I can pass from the web side. Does the Square API store the online product ID in any field?

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As an example below is whats available on the Square.Online side about the product:
“381”:{“site_product_id”:“381”,“name”:“Eric Coaster Magnet”,“updated_date”:“2021-03-25T20:31:27+00:00”,“permalink”:“coasters-eric”,“site_link”:"/product/coasters-eric/381"}

Hi @londonoart welcome to the forums!

I’m not super familiar with Square Online, but I do see in the product syncing section, they say “Product ID” is the same as SKU and should match in both Square Online and Square Item Library. So if that’s true, then whatever catalog object that has the “Product ID” as its SKU should be the same object. You can use the SearchCatalogObjects along with a query, to search by SKU:

  "query": {
    "exact_query": {
      "attribute_name": "sku",
      "attribute_value": "12345"

Please let me know if you have additional questions or concerns!

Unfortunately they don’t seem to be the same, SKU in this case is COA-001 and Square Online shows item number 381

Did anyone ever figure out work around for customer to reminded via email of out of stock item from SKU stock inventory, similar to shoptify ?