How to reconcile the square inventory object-ids to our internal ids

We have internal catalog of products with their own ProductIds as key in our database. when using Square inventory to track the counts, it generates object-ids for all the product inventory changes.
For ex;
lets say we have a product for sale and have 100 on hand with ProductId: 1001 in our database
If we let Square know, As I understand it will track this product with different Id(object-id). how would we reconcile the productid we are tracking and object-id with which square is tracking?

:wave: You can use Custom Attributes to uniquely identify items from your database in the Square catalog object. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, Will try. Do you have a go live date?

At this time there isn’t a go live date that we can share however Beta functionality is considered stable and closely represents what is intended for final release, but fixes and updates might still be made. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the quick reply

Looks like this is only for Catalog objects, how about locations, how to handle that?

The counts from the Inventory API will return the inventory adjusted from a specific location which will have the catalog_object_id. That object Id will have the internal ID that you set as the Custom Attribute and will use to map to the data in your database. :slightly_smiling_face: